A parable

Once upon a time, at a time that never happened. And somewhere, in a place that doesn't exist. Alem and Biruk go into a shop, for the first time ever. They're very excited. After all, this is a fantastic shop. Because they have the tastiest biscuits there. Soft biscuits, and hard biscuits. Or soft biscuits … Continue reading A parable

Studying women

There are role models. I choose examples. Amal Alamuddin. Audrey Hepburn. Emma Watson. After all, I want to do it right. In style. I want to avoid making a caricature of a woman. No, my appearance should be a tribute to femininity. I know. That's ambitious. I watch instructional videos of fashion models on youtube. … Continue reading Studying women


You grow up, and you learn it fast. There are two kinds of people. One kind has a penis, the other kind has a vagina, although the words you learned back then were different. You learn the two kinds are different. You belong to one kind, your sister belongs to the other. Your kind is … Continue reading Labels

The Cure

The scenario seems the same to everyone. We deny it first. We try to live by the conventional standards, ignoring that aspect of us. And to a certain extent, we succeed. Meanwhile, we secretly do what we're not allowed to do. Everyone's got their little secrets, right? But we're ashamed of it too. Hopefully this … Continue reading The Cure