Studying women

There are role models. I choose examples. Amal Alamuddin. Audrey Hepburn. Emma Watson. After all, I want to do it right. In style. I want to avoid making a caricature of a woman. No, my appearance should be a tribute to femininity. I know. That’s ambitious.

I watch instructional videos of fashion models on youtube. They explain how to step on high heels. So beautiful, so elegant, and so confident.

I see do’s and don’ts for makeup on pinterest and fashion blogs. Fascinating. I’m learning a lot.

I learn what a beautiful posture is, when sitting (of course nice and straight), standing (no, not too straight, give it some curve), and when walking (head and shoulders straight, elbows close to the body, feet together and straight forward).

Lucille gives the advice: study other women. So I look at what women around me look like, what they are wearing, what makeup they are wearing, how they sit, stand and walk, how they speak, how they behave.

And then I notice the difference between theory and practice.

Hey, she walks with her toes outwards, her feet too far apart.

Hey, she’s sitting crooked behind her computer screen.

Ooh, that blouse really doesn’t go with that skirt.

Hmm, she stretched black eyeliner up to her nose, and didn’t blend her eyeshadow enough.

Wow, that’s not a very polite and friendly thing she’s saying.

And then I think, thank goodness.

There are many ways to be a woman.

Striving for perfection is good, but it doesn’t have to be perfect.

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