About me

My name is Louise Loverix, a name I gave to my female self. Born as a boy, and raised in a world where boys are expected to become men, I absolutely had to avoid being girly. And so I did… until I wore a skirt in my teens. And I liked it. And I kept doing it. And I felt guilty.

Now I’m an adult, married, with kids, and I’ve become a man for most of the outside world. But the woman in me is also still there, she never left, and even grew stronger over the years. In her own way, she asked for recognition. And in 2019 she got it.

This turned out to be not the end of the story, but the beginning of one. Acceptance has been tremendously gratifying. Guilt and shame are gone. In its place came new experiences, new confrontations, new insights, and … a new wardrobe. Through this blog I want to share all this with you.

Finally, don’t ask me for a label. I’m somewhere in the gender spectrum, or in the transgender spectrum if you want. In my head, I’m both male and female. In my appearance I’m mostly man, but sometimes as woman as possible. Romantically and erotically I am attracted to one woman, the same one for more than 25 years.