Other places

There are some great bloggers out there. These are the ones I like to read from.

Hannah McKnight is a great looking T-girl from mid-west USA. She posts regularly on all kinds of trans issues. What I appreciate most is her advice on dealing with one’s significant other, the pink fog, and passing.

Bianca Holland is a part-time woman from The Netherlands. Her site contains a lot of resources on how to deal with being trans, also for partners and children. She regularly goes out, and reports on her outings.

Liv Skye is also from The Netherlands, and writes about her experiences in a beautiful and open way, allowing the reader to get a glance at her soul.

Lucille Sorella is the only cis woman in this list, and author of the Feminization Secrets blog. This site radiates positivism and affirmation. She really helps me not only to accept myself, but also to make the best of it and enjoy it. Great fashion tips!