She said it.

Last weekend. We sat at the table, at dinner. The boys, my dearest, and I. The daughter was still in the dormitory. At a certain point, we were talking about everyone's special qualities, including the negative ones. We were allowed to give our opinion unvarnished (our family's trademark: lack of varnish). It was my turn. … Continue reading She said it.

A parable

Once upon a time, at a time that never happened. And somewhere, in a place that doesn't exist. Alem and Biruk go into a shop, for the first time ever. They're very excited. After all, this is a fantastic shop. Because they have the tastiest biscuits there. Soft biscuits, and hard biscuits. Or soft biscuits … Continue reading A parable

Studying women

There are role models. I choose examples. Amal Alamuddin. Audrey Hepburn. Emma Watson. After all, I want to do it right. In style. I want to avoid making a caricature of a woman. No, my appearance should be a tribute to femininity. I know. That's ambitious. I watch instructional videos of fashion models on youtube. … Continue reading Studying women