My superhero costume

I confess. I’m still a little jealous. Jealous of all those women who go out and walk around the city wearing beautiful dresses. They look so good. Everything is fine. What they do is normal. And they have not much to fear.

For me this is still a serious hurdle. When I go outside in a dress, there is something going on. What I do is not normal. And I doubt if I look good. I feel tension and discomfort…

but also some euphoria.

I could take a different view.

When a cis woman puts on a dress, it is just one of her options. It could also have been a pair of pants, or a skirt. Combined with a strapless top or a blouse. Just what she feels like, it’s all the same.

When I put on a dress, it is something completely different from pants and a t-shirt. I feel great. I feel amazing. It’s wonderful. I’m so happy. I’ve been doing it for decades, and the feeling of happiness remains. It’s a feeling women don’t have, at least not to that extent.

That dress is one of my superhero costumes.

2 thoughts on “My superhero costume

  1. Hi dear,
    Very interesting viewpoint that you position here. Like the excitement of doing something out of the norm is a good thing.

    If I may compare this with smoking. Socially acceptable but more and more frowned upon. While smoking I can almost hear the criticism and it kind of makes me feel rebellious.

    Nowadays I still smoke but just don’t inhale as much. Still enjoyable yet less harmful.

    Maybe dressing doesn’t need to make us feel like we are doing anything wrong. It’s just what it is. No biggie and to nobody including ourselves in any way harmful.


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