A special letter

Dear Louise,

How are you doing? I don’t have to ask. Because I already know. I also know that this letter is no surprise to you. You read it already when I wrote it. You told me you’re looking forward to next week. That’ s when you go out for the first time, and I can imagine very well what that feels like. You’re looking forward to it, but you’re also a bit scared. You’ve dreamed so many times of just walking down the street, being you, as yourself. As if nothing’s wrong. As so many people can do. Like I can. But for people like you, it’s not that obvious.

Luckily, you’re well prepared. You’ve been working on it for months. You’ve been practicing at home. You’ve picked out clothes, purchased makeup. You’ve already visited two make-up artists, but then you stayed inside. You’ve read stories from people like you. You contacted like-minded people. People who are more experienced, and confirm how wonderful it is. And how things are getting better every time.

Go for it, girl.

You don’t have to worry about me. I know you think that if you’re there, I’ll be there less.  But we’re not two people, Louise, we’re one. Everything you’re going through, I’m going through too. So don’t worry about me.

And maybe you think it’s a little bit selfish. It’s indeed me-time, but you deserve it. Everyone has a right to it. Unfortunately, not everyone can exercise that right, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. And if you feel good, you can make more of a difference to others.

Go for it, girl.

And maybe you won’t mean that much to your loved ones at that time, but you will to many others. Because here’s the thing. The more people like you appear on the streets, the more people will see people like you. (Though it is likely that many will ignore you because they are engaged with other stuff). Yet, by coming out, you show that you are not ashamed of anything. You show the new normal that so many are striving for. And the more common it becomes, the smaller the problem gets. Not only for you, but for others as well.

Go for it, girl.

And finally, perhaps my most important recommendation: Enjoy it!

Kind regards,


P.S. Don’t forget to write back afterwards!

2 thoughts on “A special letter

  1. Hello Louise. An important time in your life.
    Always the practical one, may I suggest just one thing. If you will be wearing heels, especially with narrow stiletto heels, be very careful of rough paving, gutters and even pram ramps down gutters; the sort of obstructions you wouldn’t even think of in flat shoes. Walking in heels indoors doesn’t prepare you for real surfaces. Plan that part beforehand.
    Good luck and enjoy!

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    1. How nice of you to give me some tips, Geraldine. Now, on that day I will be wearing flats that go well with the flower dress I bought recently, so that’s a worry less. I’ve been practicing on heels though, but that’s for another time.
      Kind regards,


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