My first coming out

A few decades ago…

We’d been together for a few months. We were students. We grew towards each other. We were already sleeping together.

Her clothes were often lying around, even in my room. One day I put them on while she was there, pretending to be joking. Her tight but stylish dark grey miniskirt with even darker vertical stripes, transparent pantyhose underneath, her white blouse, her bra, and her vest in the same fabric as the skirt. She thought it was funny. So did I, but most of all, I thought it felt great. Super.

After a while, I took the clothes off again. The joke had gone on long enough.

At night we were in bed. Very carefully I came back to it. “I have a confession to make.” “What?” “I liked having your clothes on.” “Okay, so what?” “Don’t you think that’s weird?” “No, why?”

I didn’t know what to say, so I just kept silent for a while.

“I love you so much.” “Me too.”

I thought to myself, “Later, I’m going to marry her.”

Last year we celebrated our 25th anniversary.

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