Dance Class

And there I was, all dressed up. I was wearing a pretty dress, pantyhose, elegant shoes with heels, and make-up applied by a professional. I was on cloud nine, but it also felt a bit awkward in the beginning. How was I supposed to stand? What to do with my arms and legs? What should my gaze be like? How should I move? It all struck me. I enjoyed being there, but I was also a bit paralyzed.

If I want to be the best version of myself, everything has to be right. It’s not only what I wear that matters, but also the way I speak, stand, and move. And yes, I do like dancing, very much so, but how do I dance with a dress on and heels?

Luckily, there’s Youtube. You’ll find dozens of dance teachers who want to help you out, in exchange for a thumbs up. My favorite channel is “Get Dance”. I decided to practice at home, wearing a dress and make-up. Starting nice and easy with basic steps. In front of the mirror. At each beat, one foot forward or sideways. And back. On heels! And flicking on every second beat, each time with my hands in a different place. Sometimes with the wrists close together, sometimes far apart.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.

Moving: first very concentrated and controlled.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.

Gradually it goes more by itself and I move more smoothly. Counting is no longer necessary, and there’s the smile.

I admit, it feels awkward in the beginning, but it helps me to enjoy being Louise even more. It helps me to relax. I like to learn new things, and if I’m dressed like a woman, I have to able to dance like a woman. Smoothly, gracefully, and showing that I’m enjoying it.

One thought on “Dance Class

  1. Ah, to move with the beat and be lost in the moment. How wonderful.

    My only issue these days is that most of the dancing happens at our T group, so when it’s time to go to a family party, I need to remember my male moves 🙂

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