Why do I have this thing for women’s clothes? Why do I like to wear a skirt? Do I want to be a woman, and what does that mean, “being a woman”? Why am I so much attracted to feminine elegance, grace, friendliness… that I want to radiate it myself?

The honest answer to these questions is: I don’t know.

I think that everyone who wanders in these less obvious places in the gender spectrum has been struggling with these questions. Not only to be able to explain it to others, but also to understand themselves better. However, the satisfactory answer isn’t there.

And the reason for that may also be very simple. Some questions just have no answer. I also like chocolate. Why is that? I don’t know. Or maybe because I like its taste. But why do I like its taste? I don’t know.

Fortunately, there are other questions to which there is a simple answer. Maybe you’ve been asking yourself these questions too. Is there something wrong with me? Did something go wrong when I was still in the womb? Did something go wrong when I was growing up? Is there something I should be ashamed of?

The honest answer to these questions is known.


And now, let’s move on 😉

I got this picture from the website of one of the best chocolatiers around. My wife and I go there regularly to treat ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. What a wonderful step to start a blog and share your ideas and journey with others! Thank you for sharing. As for the why, I agee, move on and develop yourself. I like your analogy with the taste of chocolate, by the way. xx

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